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Integration with Percolate

In this guide, we will take you through the steps for you to set up the file sync between Percolate and Gelato Globe.

Important: In order to connect your Gelato account with Percolate you need need to have Admin rights in both systems.


1) Gelato platform

Go to you settings and then to DAM settings. Click on the right hand side 'Add DAM provider'



Populate the fields

Scope ID: This is your license ID. In Percolate settings click on Organization then Teams.  Click on the team name at the top of your tree and the License Id appears in the URL.  Please ask Percolate to provide this information if you are not able to access this detail.

Client ID:  In the settings menu click on developer and API Clients (as described in point 2).  Click on the Gelato client and you will see the Client ID at the top of the page. Please ask Percolate to provide this information if you are not able to access this detail.

Client Secret: You can get this from your API keys in Percolate (please follow the steps described in point 2).

Tag for Import: Here you should input the tag you are going to use in Percolate to identify the assets that are going to be synced with Gelato. Important: Please ensure that this is written exactly in the same way in both platforms and that there is at least 1 file with this Keyword before you sync the libraries for the first time.


2) Percolate

To obtain your Client secret go to your Settings in Percolate (Top Left)


Then navigate to the section 'Developer' and select API clients


Get your API Key (Show secret). This Key will need to be added to the Gelato platform in the field 'Client secret'. Copy this key and paste it in Gelato.



3) Library synchronization

Once you've populated all fields click Save. A new section will appear. 'DAM Connection' 

Click on 'Test Connection'. Important: At least 1 file should be tagged in Percolate before Testing Connection.


If the connection is successful you will see the below:


Note: if you did not see the above, of you got an error contact your Implementation specialist or our customer support team.

Finally, all the files synced from Percolate will be visible in your Gelato library in the folder DAM Import.


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