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Promo Codes

Gelato now offers the possibility to use and apply Promo Codes for your orders during checkout. Promo codes are design to give your account's users (internal or external) a discount when ordering assets from the Library. 

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How to set up a Promo Code

Setting up a Promo Code is done in 2 steps. Please note, only Admins of the account will have permissions to set up Promo Codes.

Important: Promo codes will be available for users paying via Credit Card or Company Invoice payment methods during checkout.


1) Create your Promo Code

Go to Settings, then go to the Promo Codes section. Click on Add promo code and fill in the details:


Note: Maximum allowed discount is 50%


2) Create a Budget for your Promo Code

Go to Settings, then go to Payment section and click on Add New Budget. 

Important: You need to have unallocated Prepaid Credit in order to allocate it to your Promo Codes Budget, if you would like to free up some credit from your other Budgets please review our Prepaid Credit guide.



Once you have created a Budget, you will be able to add/link the Promo Code you created in step 1.


Select the Promo Code and assign the amount of money you want to allocate from your Budget to this particular code. 


In order to add or withdraw money from your Promo Code budget, click on Manage, first in the Promo Code line (Example below: WMFTG-15) you want to update, in case you have several Promo Codes under the same Budget. Second you can click on Manage, right below the Budget Name (Example below: WM 15) if you would like to remove credit from the over all Budget allocated to the Promo Code(s):


To add more credit make sure you have money in the Budget that you can allocate to your Promo code. Click on Top-up promo code. To remove credit, click on Withdraw credit.

If you would like to completely remove this Promo Code from your Budget, first withdraw all the money and then click Remove.



Overview of Promo Codes in the account

To have a full overview of all the Promo codes you have created in your account go to Settings => Promo Codes



How to apply Promo Codes during checkout

Go to the Library, select the item you would like to order and initiate the checkout process. In the Payment section, make sure you select Credit Card or Company Invoice as a payment method. 

Type in the Promo Code.


Continue to Review page and complete your order.


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