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Integration With Canto

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1. Creating your API Key

The first step of DAM integration is the API activation. In order to generate and activate the API key in your Canto account please go to Settings > Configuration Options > API > API keys and click on Create API Key.





Fill all the mandatory fields (as an example you can Name the API Key as 'Gelato') and update Redirect URL field to the following:

Note: The Website and Logo URL will be automatically generated.


Click Finish when you are done and you will be redirected to the previous menu.

Here you will see the newly generated Key:



2. Setting up the Keywords

The keyword is used to identify the files eligible for replication from the DAM platform to Gelato. Any symbols combination can be used as Gelato tag. After Gelato tag is assigned to the file on the DAM-platform the file replication to Globe is triggered. 

Go to Settings > Configuration Options > Keywords

Note: You can use existing Keywords, but you can only set up 1 Keyword for the Gelato integration.



Important: The keyword created needs to be added to any/all files that need to be sync with Gelato. There must be at least one file with the keyword in canto library before testing the integration in Gelato.



3. Gelato integration

As a Gelato Admin you can set up the Canto integration in your account. Click on your initials on the top-right corner, then select Settings > DAM settings

Note: If the DAM settings tab is not visible in your account, please contact us as this feature has to be activated first.  

Please choose “Canto” in the drop-down menu.


You will need to fill in the below in order to complete the integration and grant Gelato with the access needed to sync with your Canto library.



Canto Domain: it is the first part of the web-link on your Canto account (e.g.

Canto App ID: This is available in Canto Setting for the Key that was generated for Gelato


 Canto App Secret: Also found in Canto Settings. To get the full link, go to edit and copy from there.


Keyword for Import: Here you need to add the Keyword set up in Canto that will trigger the synchronization of files between the two systems.


4. Synchronizing accounts

After all fields are populated it will ask you to Authenticate Canto, by clicking here you will be redirected to your Canto Log-in page. Sign in with your Canto credentials.


Here you need to select the part of Canto that contains the files you want to synchronize with Gelato (i.e Main Library) and click Allow.


You will be re-directed once again to Gelato. Click Save and the below will appear:

DAM Connection > Test Connection 

Important: There must be at least one file with the assigned keyword in canto library for "test connection" button to work.


The system will recognize how many files are eligible for syncing, this will be driven by the amount of files in canto with the Keyword for import. 

Finally, all the files imported from Canto will be visible in your Gelato library in the folder DAM Import.



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