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Integration with BrandMaster

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Technical integration

In order to set up the integration from Gelato side, please click on your initials at the top-right corner, then select Settings > DAM Settings > Add DAM Provider > BrandMaster.




In the new window, you will need to input the following information:


Company ID

This is your BrandMaster company ID. You can find this information by logging into your BrandMaster account in the URL (com_id=[COMPANY ID]), as shown in the screenshot below. This is used to identify which instance of BrandMaster Gelato should sync with.




Please select the language of the assets you want to sync between BrandMaster and Gelato. Note: Currently, it is only possible to select one language at the time.



This field is greyed out as it will be automatically populated with an authorization key as soon as you click on the "Authorize" button - more on this below.


Keyword for import

Here you should input the tag you are going to use in BrandMaster to identify the assets that are going to be synced with Gelato. Important: Please ensure that this is written exactly in the same way in both platforms and that there is at least 1 file with this Keyword before you sync the libraries for the first time.


  • Once all the information is added, click on "Authorize" - the authorization key will be generated.


  • Click on "Save" to save the configuration, then click on "Test connection" to ensure that the sync is set up correctly.


  • If the syn is successful, you will see "Connected" status under "DAM connection", in addition to the number of files that are currently eligible to syncing and you can trigger the file sync by clicking on "Synchronize files".



Important information

  • It is currently possible to sync only PDF files
  • The automatic sync between BrandMaster and Gelato happens only every hour - you can always force a new sync by clicking on "Synchronize files" 


Order prints from BrandMaster

One of the main advantages of setting up an integration between BrandMaster and Gelato is the possibility for BrandMaster users to print an asset available in their BrandMaster account using Gelato modular checkout functionality.

To print an asset, simply select the asset in BrandMaster and click on the "Gelato" button (see example below). This will trigger the modular checkout.

Important: In order to trigger the branded checkout, you will need to have a Gelato account.





Q: The DAM connection appears to work but my files would not sync. What's the issue?

A: Please double-check if in the settings page there are any files eligible for syncing.

  • If there are no files eligible for syncing, the issue might be related to the keyword for import (double-check the spelling).
  • If there are file eligible for syncing, it might be that the hourly sync has not taken place yet and you might need to force a new sync by clicking on "Synchronize files".  


Q: When I click on the "Gelato" button in BrandMaster, I am redirected to Gelato but I don't have credentials. What should I do?

A: If you don't have Gelato credentials, please reach out to the person in your organization who is responsible for Gelato. He/she will be able to invite you.


Q: I want to print an asset from BrandMaster but the "Gelato" button is greyed out or not visible. What should I do?

A: The Gelato button in BrandMaster is greyed out or not visible if the file is not a PDF or is not active in BrandMaster. 

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