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Setting up prepaid credit in the mobile app

Prepaid credit allows you to create a credit balance that can be allocated across different cost centers, users or user groups. This is a great way for you to effectively offer controlled prepaid budgets to your stakeholders, whether they are sales and marketing departments or 3rd party resellers and distributors. The key benefits are:

  • You can offset the printing costs for your dealers and distributors by allocating individual budgets per cost center
  • Budgets can now be offered as a bonus for preferential or high-performing resellers/distributors
  • Cost center budgets are easily tracked, managed and can be topped off
  • You can allocate prepaid budget to individual users of the account for the highest level of control

Prepaid credit on the mobile app

Now it is possible for admins (with cost centers associated with prepaid credits) to see their outstanding prepaid credits also in the app.

Within your Account tab, you will see a Prepaid credit option. A red icon will appear when at least one of the cost centres have no outstanding prepaid credits.



Within the new Prepaid credit tab, admin can see the credit limit, credit used and remaining credit for each of the cost centres associated with prepaid credits. When a cost centre has no remaining credit, then the users will see it being highlighted as below.


Users are able to select a cost centre with prepaid credits at checkout. When selecting a cost centre, they will see the number of prepaid credits remaining in each of them.


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