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Setting up Gelato as a supplier


Before you start placing orders, it is important that Gelato is set up and approved as a supplier, this will prevent any issues with processing the invoices when you start using the platform.

If your company has a specific Supplier form, please reach out to B2B Accounts Receivable Team at and ask for it to be completed. Please also highlight if you need any additional documents to complete the setup.

Some countries where Gelato offers local production have special government and tax regulations that require Gelato to bill from our local entity (see below). Countries with this requirement are: Chile, Japan, USA, Brazil, Russia, India and China.


When do we need to bill locally?

When the product is produced and shipped within a country and/or in the event that your company has a subsidiary or local registration in that country. In these instances, the Gelato invoice for your orders will be sent from the local Gelato entity in that country.

If your company does not have any local registration in these countries, and you do not require local billing, we will be able to bill from Gelato AS (Norway) for all these countries except India. For any order produced and shipped within India, we will need to bill from Gelato India.

Important: If you have operations in these countries or will be sending shipments there make sure you set up and approve all necessary Gelato entities as suppliers.


Gelato local entities

  • Gelato Japan LLC
  • Gelato USA LLC
  • Gelato Chile SpA
  • Gelato Russia: Общество с ограниченной ответственностью Желато Рус
  • Gelato Brazil: Gelato Brasil Distribuição De Materiais Impressos Ltda
  • Gelato India: Gelato Print Services India Private Limited
  • Gelato China: 歌莱图 信息技术(上海)有限公司
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