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Products: Block notepads

Product characteristics

  • Notepads have glue binding on the short side
  • The number of supported pages in either 50, 100 or 200
  • Printing is double-sided
  • We offer both black and white and full-color printing
  • We currently support the following paper options - all with matte (uncoated) stock only:
    • 90 gsm / 60lb text
    • 115 gsm / 80lb text
    • 170 gsm / 100lb text
  • The product comes with a back cover in 350 gsm / 130lb cover silk paper
  • The main formats for both the American and European markets are supported, including A6, A5, A4, A3, LG, LT, SM, SQ, XL

Please refer to our Products and prices page for more information about the different combinations available.

As always, templates for this product are available in our free print plugin for Adobe.



If you want your design to have the back pages in white, you need to leave all even pages (p2, p4, p6, etc) without artwork.


If you want to use both sides of the pages make sure the orientation of the design/artwork on even pages (p2, p4, p6, etc) match with the desired outcome.



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