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Case study - Implementing distributors and partners in Gelato

A guide on how Gelato can be used by B2B companies who manage their sales through distributors and 3rd party partners

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1. Group and roles permissions 

Gelato offers the ability to set Roles for specific users types to ensure their permissions are in line with their needs as a Distributor or Partner. Create a distributor role to assist different permission levels and to control the level of access in the account, which can include giving permission only to order files with a restricted view of your account. 



The Groups feature allows for an additional layer in your account structure, allowing you to organise your library views by a specific a group of partners or even a whole market, for example, “EMEA Distributors” or “Latam Distributors”. Ringfencing content by Group is the perfect way to manage your partners in different markets, ensuring they can only see the content that is relevant to them, including access to different payment options.

The Roles and Groups features are included for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. Basic Subscribers can get each as an add on.



2. Folder privacy and limited asset visibility

Working with external partners means privacy is a key concern. Easily manage folder and material visibility through our easy to use folder settings. This ensures users do not see each other on the platform and have their private materials closed off from competitors, while still being able to order and represent your brand on a global scale.




3. Payment options 

Assign specific payment methods for distributors and partners, based on your internal guidelines. The 4 options below are the different payment options available on Gelato. Easily manage and restrict payment methods based on users. 

  • Invoice 
  • Credit Card 
  • Payment Request
  • Prepaid credit via budget allocation (more on this below)



4. Budget allocation - How can this feature be used?

Companies can now effectively offer controlled prepaid budgets to their Partners, Distributors and Resellers. These groups can then order materials and charge them against their allowance for Gelato orders. Once these budgets are depleted, users are automatically switched to credit card or payment request, unless they receive an additional top-up. You are also able to easily check all transactions and have access to full reports of how your budget is being used and by whom, giving you full visibility at all times. 


This simple feature gives you control, transparency and efficiency, especially when it comes to managing your brand externally. 

  • Do you work with rewards or a tiered-model for your partners? If so, you can easily manage a budget on an individual user level, to ensure your top sellers and partners have credit which reflects their efforts. 
  • Do you have a set budget for all distributors? You can allocate a budget to a specific cost center. This means that all users with access to that cost center, will have the ability to use the centralised budget allocated. 
  • Distributors in Different Countries? We now support budget allocation in different currencies. This means that you are able to allocate credit which reflects where your partners and distributors are based without affecting how the central prepayment was handled.



5. Using editable templates for distributors

Gelato offers editable templates which ensure localised and personalised material at all time. This will help all global partners ensure that the material being used is suited for their needs and locations while maintaining your brand consistency.




6. Co-branded material

New feature! Logos can now be added in an editable templated and resized to fit the image field. This means 1000’s of logos can be easily applied to make sure all material is co-branded efficiently. There are many different ways of co-branding which can include adding logos, contact details, local addresses and text to make it more personalised for the specific partner ordering.



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