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Editable templates: File approval workflow

When you are using editable templates in your account (e.g. to order customized business cards), you might want to tighten control over the information users input when customizing the cards. It is possible to enforce an approval process for files (which is separated from the payment approval workflow).

  • To set up the file approval workflow you first need to select for which user(s) it should be enabled. From the left menu go to Team > Users and select the user. In the new window, select the checkbox "Requires approval when ordering an editable template".


  • When that user tries to order an editable template, in the cart the option to checkout is greyed out, the file is marked as Approval required and the user is forced to send the file for approval using the dedicated button Send for approval


  • Once clicked on Send for approval, the file will be marked in the cart as Pending approval.


  • The admin will receive a notification that an editable template requires his/her approval. All file approval requests are available from the left menu under Approvals > Approve files.


  • By clicking on Review and approve, the admin will be able to look at the file and decided whether to approve it as it is, edit some of the information or reject it using the dedicated buttons.


  • If the information is correct click on Approve and then hit Save. 


  • The user who sent the file for approval will receive a notification and the button to proceed to checkout will be unlocked.


  • If the information is incorrect, click on Edit and make the changes. Then, click on Update and finally on Approve in the next step.


  • Alternatively, if the information is incorrect, click on Reject and provide the reason for the rejection. Note that this will be visible to the user who submitted the file for approval so that he/she can make changes and resubmit the file.


  • The user who sent the file for approval will receive a notification and the file will be marked as Rejected in the cart including the reason for rejection as shared by the approver.


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