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Sustainability reporting

Note: The sustainability reporting feature must first be enabled by Gelato. Contact our Customer Support or your assigned Account Manager for additional information.

You can find the dashboard settings by clicking on your initials at the top-right corner and selecting Settings. On the settings page, select the tab Dashboard to go to the page where sustainability reporting can be set up.

In order to see your estimated savings while using Gelato, you just need to add the address of your previous printing provider and then select the regions you shipped to. You can add several printing providers if you used to print in different locations for different regions, e.g. Print House 1 for Asia Pacific, Print House 2 for Europe, America and Africa (see screenshot below).



The metrics for company savings will be reflected on the Dashboard page for all users.

Important: The savings will be calculated only for orders placed after you enabled the sustainability calculator. Please reach out to us to have a retroactive calculation of the savings from past orders.


Sustainability impact calculator will show your company savings such as:

  • shipping distance
  • quantity of paper
  • quantity of CO2 emissions

The data can be shown for a specific date range using the dedicated selector.

More information about the calculator can be found here

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