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Sustainability impact calculator

Please note that the Sustainability impact calculator is still in beta and will need to be activated for each account to be visible.


Printing with Gelato reduces delivery distances by up to 90% and print volume by up to 50% as well as helps with decreasing the carbon footprint.

Thanks to the sustainability impact calculator we implemented, you will be able to get an overview of the metrics for your company savings.


The sustainability impact calculator presents 3 metrics:

  • Distance saved
  • Paper saved
  • Total CO2 saved as a result of distance (with a reduced weight) and paper saved (i.e. reduced the production of paper)

How do we calculate it? Below you will find the sources and some basic information on how we calculate these parameters.


Input parameters

  • Address of the print house you used to use before you started using Gelato

Note: If you used to use a different print house in every region (Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Africa), you can add different addresses.

Based on input from customers on average we save paper usage by 45%, i.e. if before Gelato you printed for 10 tons, with Gelato you print 5.5 tons.

We also calculate distance saved by comparing delivery distance from your previous print house servicing a region with the delivery distance from Gelato print house. Distance calculation is being done on per order basis.


CO2 Emission from distance saved 

We calculate the amount of CO2 (in grams) emitted per metric ton of freight and per km of transportation.


External references

  • Reference for distance saved per delivery method to CO2 savings can be found here
  • Reference for paper production to CO2 can be found here
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