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Integration with Webdam

In this guide, we will take you through the steps for you to set up the file sync between Webdam and Gelato Globe.

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1. Request to connect to Webdam API

The first step of the DAM integration building is obtaining the API credentials for your Webdam account. Please ask your Webdam account manager to provide you with a Client ID and Client Secret Key for your Webdam account using this form ( 

More information can be found here.

Once you get the keys please go to Gelato DAM settings (click on your initials at the top-right corner > Settings), add the keys in Gelato account as well as a Keyword for import and complete the authorization: 


Keyword for import

The keyword is used to identify the files eligible for replication from the DAM platform to Gelato. After Gelato tag is assigned to the file on the DAM platform, the file replication to Gelato Globe is triggered. 

You will be redirected to the Webdam authentication page. Please add your credentials and confirm the connection. 


Once it’s done you will be redirected back to the Gelato DAM settings page:


2. Testing the connection

To test your connection you need to press the Test connection button. If connection is successful it will change its state to Connected. Synchronization will be available so you can launch your initial file replication.

3. Messaging Service Setup

After API credential settings are saved, the parameters required for Messaging Service Setup will be generated automatically in Gelato. These parameters should be copied to the Messaging Service Setup in Webdam in appropriate fields:

  • Service (select from a drop-down list)
  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key
  • Region Name
  • Topic ARN
  • Subject

Sign-in in Webdam. Go to Settings > System Preferences> Event Notifications


Setup Messaging service


Select notification events as shown below


4. Enabling Backlink Functionality (optional)

Enable backlink functionality in Gelato Globe

By activating this feature the URL link for each file will be created and saved in DAM once file is migrated into the Gelato library. This link will give user ability to be redirected from the DAM system to Gelato (either configuration or checkout depending on file readiness [link to file requirements]).

Backlink metaproperty configuration on Webdam platform

Before activating the backlink functionality in Gelato you should configure responding metaproperty in Webdam. To do this you need to go to Settings > Metadata Schema > Metadata Schema > XMP tab


You need to choose a custom filed for storing direct links to files replicated in Gelato library


More details can be found here.

After creating the new field, please copy the field ID and save it in the dedicated field in the Gelato DAM setting page.



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