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Communication: Gelato Launch Announcement

An essential step in ensuring a full adoption of Gelato is to communicate the change within your organization. We recommend sending out an email to all the people that are going to use Gelato before they actually receive an invitation to join the platform. Below you can find an example of communication that you can customize to your needs.



Dear colleagues,

As many of you know, we recently signed a global agreement with Gelato, a company that is changing the way global organizations like ours can manage their brand and printing across the world. For <COMPANY NAME>, it means local printing, less print volume, a consistent brand worldwide, less shipping/pollution, and less delay in getting the collateral you need when you need it.


What you need to know

Through Gelato, we also get access to a digital file library which we populate with our print files. The material will be uploaded to Gelato by our marketing department and available to our offices around the world for local printing.

By implementing Gelato, we will see less print waste and have a more sustainable solution thanks to on-demand printing. We know we often print more than we need and can end up storing this outdated material. 

This is an exciting change for us, and it is critically important to our brand. Our primary concern is to ensure that the right collateral is available at the right time around the world, respecting the right template and printed in good quality.


What you need to do

Therefore, starting from <LAUNCH DATE> our printed materials will go through Gelato. Any feedback on quality, product, and functionality should be forwarded to <ACCOUNT ADMIN NAME> (<>) – the Gelato account administrator in our organization – or to Gelato Customer Support. The contacts will be available in your Gelato account in the Contact us section once you log in.

You will soon be invited to connect to the platform (if any of you have not already registered). In the meantime, we recommend you read the Getting Started Guide for New Users containing the most important information to start using Gelato.

Should you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


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