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Communication: Gelato Deal Announcement

One of the key aspects to ensure a successful Gelato adoption is to send out a communication to all the users that you expect will join Gelato right at the beginning of your implementation. This will create momentum and excitement among your colleagues. 



RE: Innovation and technology assisting <COMPANY> to achieve better brand control through digitizing our print management


Dear colleagues,

To improve efficiency of creating and distributing our printed collateral, we have contracted with Gelato, a software platform with a managed network of print and delivery partners throughout the world. Their centralised print management platform sources local print and delivery using smart technology to ensure print quality and reduced costs.

Please look out for further details and instructions about Gelato launch over the next few weeks.

If you have questions or comments about using Gelato Globe, or would like more information about the reasons behind this decision, please reach out to <NAMES/EMAILS OF PEOPLE TO REACH OUT TO>.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,


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