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Missing bleed

One of the requirements to ensure that the files you upload to Gelato are printed correctly is to add 4 mm bleed on all sides (8 mm for wire-o formats), as described in our file requirements

Bleed is needed to ensure that white space is not created around your design when trimmed. 


In some cases, you (or the designer who created the file) might have forgotten this requirement or the files might have been created before you decided to adopt Gelato, using a different bleed setting. In these cases, our platform can automatically detect the bleed issues with your file when you upload and configure it and provide some alternative auto-fixes: Scale design, fill or manual fix.

Scale design

The first and easiest alternative is for the file to be scaled up to fill the white space. Note: This option might cause the elements within the safe area to come too close to the trim line. 



Another possibility for auto-fix of bleed issues is for our system to fill the white space with auto-generated content by either mirroring the existing content or by adding pixels of the same colour. Note: This option might generate distorted images for complex designs.


Manual fix

If you are still not satisfied with any of the options above you can always ask your internal designer or external design agency to manually fix the file. In this case, you will be able to share a link to the file with them, even if they are not registered Gelato users in your organization's account.   


Important: Regardless of the alternative you decide to use to fix bleed issues, we always recommend to perform a visual inspection of all the pages of the file to ensure that the auto-corrections are satisfactory.


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