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Automatic preflight error checks

Gelato's technology has been improved with enhanced file-scanning and error recognition to flag files which fail to meet our design requirements. Upon upload, files are processed with pre-flight scanning, and files with errors are marked for review with a red/yellow notification. A file with an error will trigger a new workflow for the repair/replacement of the file.

Errors checked:

  • Design issues (bleed, font issues, image resolution)
  • Page count (odd-numbered pages)
  • Format (sized for one of our standard formats)

Please refer to our dedicated section on common preflight errors and fixes for additional information.


How does it work?

After you upload a file to Gelato as PDF, a number of pre-flight checks are performed. If the file requires fixing, it is marked with an error icon and upon mouse hovering, the button Fix errors will appear. By clicking on this button, the user has access to a new window where he can:  

  • View a preview of the file and a detailed explanation of the error
  • Download the original file with errors
  • Download a detailed error report (where available)
  • Replace the file with a new upload
  • Share the original file with errors with someone (e.g. your internal design team or external design agency) via email, even if they are not active Gelato users in your account


You might see two types of warning messages while previewing the file.

  • Blocking messages (marked in red): you will not be able to ignore the warning and in order to make the file print-ready you will need to fix the file
  • Non-blocking messages (marked in yellow): these messages indicate minor issues that could be ignored so the system will allow you to order the file


In addition, all the files that require fixing are marked as such in the Library and can be easily found thanks to a dedicated filtering option.


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