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DAM integration overview

What is it?

Many enterprises use Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems to manage all of their marketing assets (logos, images, videos, content, PDFs, etc.) which often have advanced capabilities around design, editing, and publishing.


Key benefits

  • Digital Asset Management system remains the single source of truth for marketing assets
  • Tagged file are synchronized in real-time
  • Produced locally and sustainably through the Gelato
  • Easy checkout and fast production for delivery within 72 hours
  • Gelato's powerful billing platform handles all of the VAT, tax, and/or customs issues


How does it work?

These are the steps required to integrate your DAM system with Gelato:

  • The DAM integration feature needs to be activated by Gelato - the Account administrator contact Customer Support or your assigned Account Manager for assistance
  • The Account administrator sets up the DAM integration in the Gelato account. 
  • The user creates a tag (for example, #DAMGelato) which will be used to identify the files eligible for synchronization onto Globe. When the Gelato tag is assigned to a file on DAM system, a file synchronization process is triggered, and the file is copied into the account’s Globe library.
  • The admin can also activate a file synchronization from within Gelato.

Note: Depending on your DAM provider, the steps for integration might change. Please refer to the dedicated articles in this section for additional information.

Files undergo preflight scanning and are uploaded to a special DAM import” folder in the Globe library. The files will always maintain their links back to the original files in the DAM system.


What are the requirements to activate it?

  • The Account should be on a Pro or Enterprise subscription.
  • The Account admin needs to be registered and activated in DAM platform.
  • The “DAM integration” feature should be activated in your organization’s Gelato account.
  • The DAM service provider should configure their DAM platform to send all event notifications related to files to Gelato.
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