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Integration with Bynder

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1. Request to activate API

The first step of DAM integration building is API activation in your Bynder account. Please ask your Bynder account manager to enable API for your Bynder account. After it is done you will see "API tokens" section in your account (Settings > Advanced settings > Portal settings > API tokens)




2. Technical integration

As a DAM integration Admin you can set it up Bynder integration in your Gelato account. Click on your initials on the top-right corner, then select Settings > DAM settingsNote: If the DAM settings tab is not visible in your account, please contact us as this feature has to be activated first.  

Please choose “Bynder” in the drop-down menu and configure the following settings:


Bynder Domain

A web-link to the customer DAM-platform account (e.g.


Gelato tag in Bynder system

The keyword is used to identify the files eligible for replication from DAM platform to Gelato. Any symbols combination can be used as Gelato tag. After Gelato tag is assigned to the file on DAM-platform file replication to Globe is triggered. 


Event consumer URL

This URL will be generated automatically by Gelato system.


Enable backlink functionality 

By activating this feature the URL link for each file will be created and saved in Bynder once file is migrated in Gelato library. This link will give user ability to be redirected from Bynder to Gelato checkout.

Important: Please make sure to tag the file(s) only after this feature is enabled. 

Gelato will create a new text type metaproperty with label Gelato URL to show the order URL within the asset detail.




In order to make the URL in the text metaproperty clickable, Bynder needs to enable the 'external-options-link' feature described here.

Important: In order to use the backlink functionality, the keys should have the following permissions: Metaproperty management, Permissions management, Edit media, Download original.

  • Metaproperties management - to automatically create metaproperty
  • Permissions management - to read info about what is allowed by current user scopes. Used when configuring backlink
  • Edit media - to let dam leave backlink in asset metaproperty field
  • Download original - to let sync process work


Bynder API Keys

To generate API keys you need to have access to Bynder portal as an Administrator to create a consumer, which will be used for creating your access token pairs. In addition to the consumer, you will also need an access token pair. Access token pairs are coupled with a consumer and a user of the portal. Thus, the actions that can be performed in the API are also bound to the permissions of the access token pair's user.

Provided that you have administrator access, you can fully manage your tokens via the portal, detailed instruction you can find here. When you generate the keys please add them in Gelato DAM settings appropriately:

  • Consumer key
  • Consumer secret key
  • Token key
  • Token secret key

When you add all integrations parameters please save them and proceed with test integration. After successful testing, you will see the DAM system connected and you can then proceed with file synchronization.


3. SNS notifications

The next step of DAM integration building is activating SNS notifications in Bynder, which will help Gelato to monitor files changes in your Bynder portal and send automatic notifications whenever a change takes place:

  • All SNS notifications should be activated
  • SNS notifications should be sent using API channel
  • SNS notifications should be sent out right after assets were uploaded or modified

You can find detailed instructions here.

A Sample of request to be sent to your Bynder Account Manager: 

Please activate all SNS notifications related to the following events:”

Please send all notifications to [please add your Event consumer URL, which was automatically generated  in your Gelato account, in “DAM settings” section] via https protocol.”

Important: Only one e-mail request should be sent for every unique URL to DAM-provider, if two separate Gelato accounts are integrated with single Bynder account, e-mail shouldn’t be sent twice as Event consumer URL will be the same for both Gelato accounts in this case.


4. Tagging Files

To make it work you should assign “Gelato tag” from DAM configuration settings to all files in Bynder library that should be migrated to Gelato.

Important: Tags are cap sensitive


All tagged files will be migrated to Special folder in your Gelato library called “DAM import”



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