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Modular Checkout

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Sometimes our customers want to keep their files in their current system but leverage our Gelato Network for printing and distribution. With Modular Checkout, this is possible! You can create a direct link or button on the website/system that will transfer the file (and all its formatting requirements) into a Gelato Globe shopping cart for checkout and production.


Key benefits

  • You can print locally and sustainably through the Gelato Network from any file library
  • Easy checkout and fast (local) production for delivery within 72 hours (for most products and locations)
  • Gelato's powerful billing platform handles all of the VAT, tax, and/or customs issues
  • Use your own library – you can print directly from your own storefront, intranet, DAM solution, or knowledgebase


Instructions to activate


1. Link Creation

For single item:

the URL to the Modular Checkout will have to have the following structure:

https://[website]/new-app/v2/headless/import?filename=[testfilename]&pages=&productUid=[ProductUID]&url=[encoded_public_link _to_the_file]

  • The link will contain:
    • The link to your organization’s branded store - e.g. (this is optional - if you don't have branded store simply use
    • The name you would like to give to the file once uploaded
    • The product UID - a unique identifier provided by Gelato - which identifies the product category, the format, the paper and other parameters used by our Network to print your file
    • The public link to the shareable file, i.e. the location in your intranet, DAM, etc.
  • The file will need to be a print-ready PDF prepared according to our design requirements
  • The file admin will also predetermine its format and paper options (reflected in the product UID) which cannot be changed during the checkout process


For multiple items:

For generating branded checkout link the POST HTTP request should be used:

URI: https://[website]/api/headless/generate-url

Where the POST data is a JSON string with list of files:

{"files" [{"filename":"filename","pages":2,"productUid":"product_uid","url":"url"}]}

Request return branded checkout "redirect_url" which needs to be redirected.


URL: https://[website]/api/headless/generate-url

POST data: 










2. File transfer and ordering

  • Clicking on the link/button will automatically pull that file, with the product UID, into Gelato
  • The user will need to log into his/her organization’s Gelato account (or sign in with SSO, if activated). Note: This step will be skipped if the user is already logged in.
  • The file will be formatted as per the product UID while the user will be asked to complete the remaining checkout details (selecting quantity, address, recipient, payment method, cost center, etc.) and place the order


Key requirements

1. Users need to be registered and activated in your organization’s Gelato account

2. Users need to have the permission"Order prints" enabled

3. URL link(s) should be embedded in your system


Special cases

In some cases, you might want to use the files already stored and configured in your Gelato library while, at the same time, giving users the modular checkout experience, e.g. in case you want the checkout to be triggered from a different system.

In this case the link should looks like:{designId}

where {designId} is the encoded design ID (same as in the URL for design details in library) - see example below. 



The same functionality can also be used to trigger the modular checkout for multiple files at the same time. In this case, the like should look like:[]={designId1}&designId[]={designId2}


Note: If you need to retrieve the design IDs for multiple files in your library at the same time, you can download the report from your library.


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