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How to get a quote (Products and Prices)

Every Gelato account contains a section named Prices that allows you to see all the products and formats we support as well as to get a quote in real-time.

Note: You don't need to have the actual file, just the specification to get an accurate estimation.



Select a category (e.g. Brochures)

Here you will see all the formats supported for the selected category.


Select the format you are interested in (e.g. Roll-folded). All the supported formats will be shown.

Note: you can change the dimensions to inches (bottom right corner of the page)


Tip: If you hover your mouse over the (?) of any format, you can see a comparative size.

Next step is to select the desired paper configuration (type, thickness, lamination) - the options available will be dependent on the product.


Lastly, you can select the shipping country, and here you will be able to see the prices and estimated delivery dates depending on the shipping method selected. On the top right corner you have the option to download the quote as a PDF.


Note: You can change the quantity, the currency and also decide to include or exclude VAT.

It is possible to add several countries to see the comparative prices for the same product/quantities or to build a multi-location quote.



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