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Mobile App

Main features

  • View a dashboard with an overview of the orders placed in the last 7 or 30 days
  • Access your entire library of print-ready files and editable templates
  • Apply filters to easily search through your files library
  • Customise editable templates, such as business cards
  • Place orders, view order confirmation and cancel orders
  • View your full order history
  • Easily track order production and shipping
  • Approve orders placed with payment approval request

Download on the App Store and the Google Play Store 


What's new in this release (v1.5)

  • Regular users can now see when editable templates have been approved, rejected or if they are waiting for approval. They also get push notifications when they are approved (or rejected). 
  • Admin users are now able to approve or reject an editable template and they need to add a reason for rejection. Admin users now also get push notifications when templates are sent for approval. 
  • Better handling of editable templates in the app (i.e. users are warned when they add an editable template to cart without modifying placeholder text). 
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in adding a personal address as a company address.
  • Other general improvements and bug fixes. 



Detailed information

  • You can open an account and register using an invitation link directly in the app
  • You can add as many items to the cart as you want to
  • The app supports payment by invoice, credit card, and payment request (it is also possible to add a new credit card for payment)
  • You can only use preloaded billing entities and cost centers but not add new ones
  • You can use either preloaded shipping addresses and recipients or add new ones during the checkout
  • It is not possible to upload new files or see and configure not print-ready files
  • The cart synchronizes with the web app, so you can add an item to the cart on the web app and complete the purchase in the app (and vice-versa)
  • It is possible to start live chat with our customer service team in order to get support
  • You can preview files after placing an order in the Order confirmation screen
  • Within the new "Prepaid credit" screen, admins can see the credit limit, credit used and remaining credit for each of the cost centers associated with prepaid credits
  • If you have a default billing entity and cost centre, then the application will use them as default and pre-fill them when you proceed to checkout
  • For each order, you can see on an interactive map where the estimated delivery route with production and delivery locations   


In the coming months, we will release new features in the app. 

If you have suggestions or input to the app – do not hesitate to contact us through the chat. 


By printing locally and on-demand, Gelato helps companies manage their brand in a more efficient and sustainable way.


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