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If a transparency panel is not used to change the transparency of an artwork, the fills and strokes in the artwork will appear opaque. This is because the top colour knocks out, or cuts out the area underneath. You can prevent knockout by using the Overprint options in the Attributes panel. After you have set your overprint options, you can preview the overprinting effects on‑screen.



  • Select one or more paths with the Selection tool or the Direct Selection tool, or select text characters with the Type tool. To overprint the stroke of a path that is pasted inside a frame, you must first select the nested (inner) path using the Direct Selection tool
  • Choose Window > Output > Attributes. In the Attributes panel:

1. To overprint the fill of selected objects, or to overprint unstroked type, select Overprint Fill

2. To overprint the stroke of selected objects, select Overprint Stroke

3. To overprint a colour applied to the spaces in a dashed, dotted, or patterned line, select Overprint Gap


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