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Setup the Simple Business Card Ordering Workflow

The simple business card ordering flow is a solution that the account Admin can enable for all users in a company for ordering business cards, over desktop or any mobile device. For ease of access, the solution does not require users to sign up but works through a link that Gelato creates automatically. This link can be made public for all your colleagues or shared on your intranet or any other internal communication channels.

Setup the Simple Business Card Ordering Workflow 

  • Create groups and folders according to your company's organisational structure (e.g business unit, division). Ensure the library folders containing the business cards are visible to all necessary groups (please check here)
  • Add Billing Entities and Cost Centers (if needed) for each group. Link Billing Entities to the groups that will have the option to invoice (please check here)
  • To generate the link to share with your colleagues, click on the button with your initials in the top right corner and select Settings. Select Easy Access Business Cards from the left side of the page.
  • Set the status to Activated
  • Select if anyone with the link can use the flow or if a password is required
  • Set the maximum order quantity for business cards
  • Select the payment method. You can choose between three alternatives, plus an additional option:
    • Company invoice: Users will be able to select a billing entity among the ones visible to their group.
    • Payment request to all responsibles: The payment request will be sent to all admins with the permission to approve and pay.
    • Payment request to one responsible: The user will have to select who to send the payment request to, from a list of the admins with the permission to approve and pay (usually users with Approve and Pay permission in their group).
    • Enable credit card payments: In addition to the three methods above you can decide to give users the option to pay with a credit card.
  • Finally, copy the generated link to share with your colleagues



After an order is placed

After the order is placed, the user placing the order will get an order confirmation email. Since this is a simplified workflow, only Admins with access to the full account can cancel the order or make changes. These order will appear separately in the Orders menu - Click on the drop-down menu for All orders and choose Business cards orders. Please note, same rules apply for Order Cancellations



Additional notes

The new flexibility added by Gelato Globe is that of being able to order any Business Card size, format. US / Canada have a preference to order BX size shown in the following image. But now irrespective of the format of the original file, you can order a business card for shipping to any region using the same editable template file. The paper type will be changed based on original paper type set for your design template at the time of uploading to library and Equivalent Paper available for shipping location you select.

Note: Please be cautious of the size dimensions of business cards you order to ensure they fit your card holder/wallet in case you plan to use one. 


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