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Best practices for Business Cards

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Editable templates

Using editable templates for business cards can save you a lot of time, as it will allow you to produce as many versions as needed using only 1 design/template. This feature will also help you achieve Brand consistency within your business cards.

An editable business card also offers the possibility to replace the images in use (i.e. logos, QR codes), just make sure to create the image in the required dimensions. 


Requirements for images

Some of the requirements for the images to have optimal print results are:

  • Recommended file extensions: TIFF, EPS, PSD or AI
  • Color profile: CMYK
  • Resolution 300 ppi (specifically for TIFF and PSD files)
  • Dimensions: will depend on the design of the business card itself

Although JPEG and PNG images can be used, we do not recommend these format as they would not produce an optimal print result.

Note: The platform will automatically show a warning message if the image has a low resolution (see below).  



Recommendations for cards containing special characters

For designs that include special characters, such as Chinese, we recommend that:

  • Fonts should be "Open Type Fonts" without any licence restrictions and compatible with all non-latin languages.
  • Using English and Chinese fonts on the same line or text field could cause RIP glyph issues when printing. Please contact us for additional guidance.


Additional suggestions on color and paper configuration

  • Dark colors smear easily ->  add protection/lamination
  • Full color cards with white text smear on text -> add protection/lamination
  • Matte (uncoated) 350gsm is a durable option, recommended for designs with soft color with white back
  • Silk (coated) 350gsm, without protection, recommended for soft-touch, silky feeling
  • Silk (coated) 350gsm, with matte protection, soft-touch, recommended for bright coloured and two-sided cards
  • Silk (coated) 350gsm, with glossy protection, bright look, recommended for business cards with high-resolution photos at the back
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