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Custom Formats

In some cases, you may need to print collaterals in formats different than the standard formats we support on Gelato Globe. Although we don't recommend this, we have got you covered with custom formats!

Note: To activate custom formats in your account please contact us here.


Main characteristics and limitations

  • Available for a limited number of products:
    • Flat: Single- /Double-sided flyers and cards
    • Folded: 4-page brochures and cards
    • Saddle-stitched brochures (8-52 pages)
  • Maximum size:
    • A3 (420x297mm) for flat formats
    • A4 (210x297mm) for folded/saddle-stitched formats (corresponding to A3 when unfolded)
  • Minimum size: business card (85x55mm)
  • Fewer paper options than standard formats
  • Minimum order quantity: 50 items
  • Maximum order quantity: 1000 items
  • Higher prices than standard formats due to:
    • Increased paper waste
    • Additional processing time 
  • No InDesign templates available 
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