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Scheduled delivery

With scheduled delivery, you can book an order to be delivered up to 3 months ahead.

This is how it works:

  • During checkout, it is possible to choose a delivery date up to 3 months ahead
  • The cost is the same as for Express shipping, as this ensures higher delivery accuracy


  • When the order is placed, you receive a confirmation email that contains the scheduled delivery date
  • The order can be found in order history with status "Scheduled" and will persist until the order is submitted to production
  • The order can be cancelled from the Globe account at any time while in "Scheduled" status



Important notes

  • Scheduled delivery is only available on single location orders, not on multi-location ones
  • It is not available when the only shipping method is pallet shipping
  • The order cannot be edited while it is in "Scheduled" status. If any changes are required, the order needs to be cancelled and reordered.
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