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Delivery notes and labels for events

Our biggest priority is to ensure that you receive your printed material in an efficient and on-time manner, whether you're at a trade show in Madrid or at an industry conference in Boston.

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Recommendations for delivery to events

  • Delivery window at event venue: If an event starts e.g. on the 18th, the parcel normally has to be by the stand on the 17th as venues often don't take deliveries once venue is open.
  • 24hrs buffer: Always add at least 24hrs buffer to the deadline as shipping providers might not be able to deliver at first attempt, and the parcel is taken back to the depot for next day delivery.
  • Express ShippingThis is the safest and most reliable delivery option. Customers may receive a phone call to arrange delivery so this shipping method gives higher chances for parcels to reach the recipient in an event location. The extra cost for express delivery is small compared to both the total cost for the event and the damage cost if the economy option does not arrive on time.
  • Delivery Note: Add a delivery note during the Gelato ordering process when selecting a shipping method. This will be added as a secondary label on your packages (in addition to the standard shipping label). Specify meeting room, booth details, or contact information for the event venue to improve the chance of a successful delivery when the courier tries to deliver the shipment.


Delivery notes

A delivery note is a custom message up to 140-characters that you can add during the ordering process when selecting a shipping method. This can be used for example to specify the content of the parcel with the person receiving it. 

Note: It is not possible to edit a delivery note after the order was placed. In order to make any updates, please cancel the order and place a new one.


Delivery labels

You can also upload your own delivery label which will be printed and taped on the side of each parcel in that order. You can upload a single-sided .pdf or .doc file up to A4 (297mm x 210mm) size. 

This is useful for special events where the parcel is delivered to a warehouse or a reception a specific label is requested for delivery to the final location.



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