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Adding Company Contacts

Once your Gelato account is set up and the users are invited, they may need to get in contact with the account admins or other relevant people within your organisation to get support. In order to do so, at the bottom left corner of your account, you will find the Contact Us section. This section will always contain the contact of Gelato Support and can be further customised with additional company contacts.


To add company contacts to the Contact us section, click on your initials on the top right corner of your account and then select Settings > Company contacts > Add contact.


Select then the user(s) you would like to add as contacts - their name and email will be automatically populated based on the information saved in your account. We strongly encourage you to also add a description for each contact, stating what that person should be contacted for.

Tip: We recommend to clearly state the responsibilities of each contact to simplify the process. Typical examples of descriptions are:

  • Contact for user management (Add/remove users)
  • Contact for finance-related questions (billing/payment methods)
  • Contact for design inquiries



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