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My Dashboard (User)

The User Dashboard is the new landing page for your Gelato account. It gives you insightful information about orders, files, as well as announcements and product news from Gelato, all at a glance with a very simple interface. 


My recent files

This section of the dashboard will show any new file uploaded to the account. You can easily apply basic filters, search for specific files using the search bar and add them to the cart with one click using the Order button.



My recent orders

My recent orders section will show you information on your own orders, including order date, recipient and status. More details about your orders can always be found by clicking on Orders at the top right of this section, or in the Orders menu on the left-hand side of your Gelato account. By selecting an order and clicking on Repeat order you will be able to place a reorder.



Sustainability impact calculator

If you have the Sustainability impact calculator activated for your account, this section will be visible and here you will see the savings for your account.



Resource center

This section contains important information that Gelato wants to share with you plus a number of useful resources to get you started and answer the most common questions you may have.


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