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My Dashboard (Admin)

The Admin Dashboard is the new landing page for your Gelato account. It gives you insightful information about orders, files, spend by country, as well as announcements and product news from Gelato, all at a glance with a very simple interface. 



Order numbers / Order spend

The orders section contains information about the orders placed in a specific time range that can be defined by the user. It is possible to visualize both the number of orders placed or the total order spend. For the latter, it is also possible to select the currency.


Note: Additional information about your orders can always be found in the Orders and Reports menus on the left-hand side.



Under files, you can see the most popular files in your library (by quantity ordered), the most recently uploaded, as well as the ones that have not been configured yet. Each view can be expanded by clicking on View all for additional detail.

Note: If you have the Sustainability impact calculator activated for your account, this tab will be replaced by the overview of the savings.



Spend by country / Spend by product

This tab allows you to understand what is the breakdown of orders placed by country or by product within a custom date range. Note that you can also change the currency for your convenience.



Announcements / Product news

This section contains announcements around new product features that we believe you as an Admin should be aware of.

Note: This section is not customizable.

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