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Auto-Configure Multiple Files In Your Library

When you configure a file, you can now apply format & paper from an existing configured file in your library. This helps make configuration faster and ensure brand consistency.

1. Click on 'Configure' for a 'Not print-ready' file.

2. System looks for similar other files in your Library, which are already configured & shows a list. With one click, you can then apply one of the suggested configurations by clicking 'Use this configuration'.

3. Lastly, if there are more 'Not print ready' files in your Library that have similar format, then a list of those files is shown. Select one or multiple of those to configure at the same time.


Please note:
  • At step 2, the most used configuration is at the top in the list of suggested configurations
  • At the last step, the other 'Not print ready' files suggested are only from the view of the Library you started with, when you selected the first file for configuring (this may be just a single folder view or a filtered view in your library)
  • We recommend to preview each file before saving the files to make sure that the applied configuration is appropriate
  • A file that was uploaded with missing bleed is not considered for this auto-configuration process
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