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Packaging InDesign File to Send to Gelato Support

InDesign package file is linked fonts & graphics/images along with the InDesign file.

Please follow these steps to make a package for sharing design:

1. Open the InDesign file and see if 'missing links' warning window comes up. Then open links panel (Window>Links) and if any linked image is missing it will show warning sign next to the file name. Please relink/fix these



2. Open your INDD file in InDesign. Then Choose 'File>Package'



3. The Package dialog box opens. The 'Summary' screen shows you all current images and fonts used in the file, based on an analysis of the file



4. The 'Fonts' screen lists the fonts used in your design. Check any issue with fonts are shown here and repair those



5. The 'Links and Images' screen lists the images used in your design. Find the missing images & update/repair links by relinking


6. Make sure check-boxes (shown in screenshot number 5 below) are selected. Select PDF Preset 'Gelato Print Export' before packaging

7. Next, click the 'Package' button at the bottom of the dialog box. You can name the folder and specify a location on your storage where the file and all its associated files are then saved (select an empty new folder preferably to avoid searching for linked files sub-folder)


8. Finally, compress/zip the saved folder and share it with the requester

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