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Designing print material for Hebrew, Farsi and Urdu Languages

For languages that require reading from right to left, slight changes need to be made when designing material for these languages. The page sequencing/layout has to be adjusted so that Gelato would print them in the right order. 

Roll-fold brochure design:
Select required size (A4, LT) Roll-fold brochure template and design the pages (reading from right to left) in below order:



Folded Multipage Brochure design:
Content in a multipage brochure would require the pages to be arranged as shown in the layout below. The only thing required to do is to reverse the page order. On Gelato, you will preview the pages starting from last to first. Thus when printed, the brochure can be opened and read from right to left. 



Document setup in Indesign
The binding direction determines the edge along which a document is bound. Documents written in a left-to-right language are left-bound. Documents written in the case of right-to-left languages are bound along the rightmost edge of the document.


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