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Products: Presentation Folders

Presentation folders currently offered by Gelato are available in one format, the template for which can be found here or in our free print plugin for Adobe.

This offers the possibility to order kits, e.g. by adding folders along with other products such as Brochures or Flyers in a single order, you can prepare for an event.

The presentation folders are available to order with the following specifications:

  • The folded size is 221mm x 305mm, i.e. the folder fits A4 as well as LT size sheets
  • Printing on: single side or both sides
  • Paper: 300 gsm / 110 lb cover
  • Lamination protection (optional): Glossy or Matte

Note: We deliver presentation folders in flat (unfolded) format for efficient transportation.

For a list of all the countries where this product is available, as well as to get a quote, please refer to our Prices page.


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