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Design Services by Gelato

Gelato's design services team can create templates or optimize your files for print with Gelato.

Services offered:

Type of Request Files to be provided Price 

Create a new editable template for Business cards/Flyer/Brochure

PDF, High-Resolution Logo, fonts  €150
Modify an existing PDF or editable template PDF, Old zip files of the template, fonts  €150
Resize a PDF InDesign Package  €250
Test design compatibility for print with Gelato Print-ready PDF €50 onwards


  • Price includes up to 2 iterations.
  • Gelato currently does not create new creative designs or performs logo changes.
  • If the scope of work includes more than a certain amount of iteration, we reserve the right to provide a quote based on our design hourly rate instead than per item.

How to request Design Services?
Just email us here.

  • Tell us what you need help with
  • Provide the name of the file in your Gelato Library or send us the files you want to change (attach the files to the email or send via Dropbox, Wetransfer). For the fastest processing of your request, it's best to send us full InDesign packages rather than PDFs. 

What happens with your request?
We will acknowledge your request within a few hours and ask for clarifications if necessary. Our designers will then work on your request and aim to deliver the new file to you within one business day.

Disclaimer: We may collect any images, text, logos or other content that you upload or submit, including information related to or included within such content, such as the names, phone numbers, and positions of individuals to whom the content is related. Please read more about our GDPR compliance. Gelato will preserve your files only for 30 calendar days from the closure of the request. We recommend you save the final copy of the file for future use or modifications. 

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