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How to order multiple business cards (Excel template)

Most organisations that use Gelato, order business cards using Editable Templates. Usually, each individual will get access to the account to order their own business cards. However, in some cases, one person has to order several business cards at once for multiple employees in the company.

To support this, an improved version of the ordering flow is available, allowing users to enter details in a table or import a pre-filled Excel file. The details are then automatically filled into the template, generating multiple business cards ready to order. 


1. Open the template to use

Open an editable business card template design file and click on the button 'Customize multiple cards' at the top right corner.



2. Enter the details in Table or Upload Excel

Either download and fill the Excel template available (Download excel template) or fill in the user data in the table at the bottom provided (you can add up to 100 rows of data). The number of columns in the table is the same as the number of editable fields in the business card template. Next, click on Preview all button in the top right corner to see the preview of all the business cards you have prepared.



3. Check Preview & Edit

On the next page, you can edit details on an individual card as well as remove any card or click on 'Edit all cards' button to go back to the table to edit the data.



4. Review & Proceed to Checkout

If everything is in order you can 'Add all to cart'. You will then see the first page of the checkout process. Here you will be asked to set the quantities of each Business Card you want to order. Click on 'Proceed to checkout' and follow the traditional order placement flow.


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