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Invoice consolidation

As part of the billing features Gelato offers, you have the option to receive your billing in two different ways. You can choose to have one invoice per order or a monthly consolidated invoice based on:

  • Billing Entity
  • Project Code / Cost Center
  • User placing the orders

To enable consolidation you need to:

Go to your Gelato account (left hand menu - select Billing). Enter Billing entities section and select the entity you want to update. The options will be displayed as below.

Once you have selected an option, click 'Save' to save the changes to the Billing Entity.



Depending on your account set-up (Cost Center/Project Codes) you will see the below options:


Please note: Despite selecting the option of single invoice, if multiple orders are placed for different regions using a billing entity, then VAT calculation for respective country may call for separate invoices.

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