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Get Consolidated Invoices (Optional)

As per your Gelato Subscription plan, you have a facility to get invoices each month for the orders placed by users of your account. If receiving one invoice per order is difficult to manage, you can now request monthly consolidated invoices for each billing entity.

Steps to activate this option:

1. Request the feature by contacting our Customer Service by email to or using chat from your account

2. Decide where you need consolidated invoicing by going to each billing entity and choosing:

  • One invoice per order – you will continue to receive one invoice for every order placed
  • OR One monthly invoice for orders. Orders can be grouped by:
    • Billing Entity (default – all orders for that month listed in chronological order)
    • Project Code / Cost Center (if you have set them up)
    • Person who placed the order

Once you have selected an option, click 'Save' to save the changes to the Billing Entity.


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