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How To Manage Users

As soon as you've setup up your user structure, there will be a few actions required from you as an Admin of the account, to maintain a clean account structure. 


1. Resend Invite to a User

In case your colleagues have missed the email with the invitation to join your Gelato account, you can resend that invitation email. Select Team > Users. If a user has not joined yet, you will see them at the bottom of the list greyed out. By clicking on Resend invite Gelato will send them a new email. 



2. Remove (delete) a User

If a colleague has left your organisation or is no more required to be part of the team that uses Gelato, then you can remove them from your account. From the list of users, click on the person you want to delete. On the top right corner of the page, you will see the option Delete this user.



3. Change/update the email address of a User

Due to organisational changes, the email address with which a user is registered on Gelato may require change. However the email address linked to a user account cannot be changed. Therefore, if someone in your company wants to change or update their login email, you need to re-invite them to your company's account with the new email address. Afterward, you can delete the old user account. 


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