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Gelato Vs Your Existing Print Setup

As a Regular User you stand to gain in many ways from using Gelato. In a setup before you started with Gelato, you were:

  • Using your valuable time communicating with internal teams & following up with your printers
  • Ordering quantities you probably did not need to begin with
  • Skeptical about meeting delivery date of print material for an event or a launch
  • Facing variations in prints ordered from your multiple local suppliers

All this will go away when your Admin invites you to your organisation's Gelato account. Account admin has already mapped the Role, Group, and Folder access accordingly for you and other Regular Users.

Be it Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers or other print products that you need; the Folders, Files & Payment Methods are already setup when you log in. Such one-time setup helps to get the users started with ordering quickly when they accept invitation & join the account. And the resulting benefits are:

  • On-demand printing for quantities that you actually need
  • Visibility to track orders you have placed
  • Consistency in Brand image & print quality
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