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Organise Your Account Library

One of the first steps in setting up your organisation's Gelato account is to upload the design files using which you and other users of the account will order prints.

As an Admin you will setup Roles (Access Control) & Groups (Account Structure), Billing Entities. Also you will setup other Account rules in the 'Settings' section of the account. While you are doing all this, please also upload few files to the Library to check they are being identified for size formats by Gelato platform. You can involve few of your design agency / team members to do this.

Next, start with identifying all the print material you require & decide Library Folder & Sub-Folder structure:

  • Products category wise Folders
  • Function wise Folders (Marketing, Sales, HR, Admin)
  • Region wise Folders (office locations)
  • Language wise Folders
  • Business Card ordering employees group wise Folders

You can restrict the top level Parent Folder access to User Groups. Therefore the Library Folder structure has to be planned together with User Groups you wish create as per your organisation structure. Sub-folders follow the access set to the top level parent Folder in Library. Simple Flow Business Card ordering also requires user Groups & their respective Folders with privacy settings to be setup to ensure smooth order flow for users.

A whole section of more help on this is available HERE explaining steps & click path for setting up Library Folders & uploading files.

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