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Business Card Template : Assigning Correct Order To Editable Fields

In this guide, we will explain how to arrange the editable fields in a logical oredr. 
More on anchoring editable fields in any Business Card template is explained here.

A logical order of these editable fields helps users to enter their details before ordering the business cards.
Use a business card template from Gelato Print Plugin and follow simple thumb rules:

  • Textboxes are assigned the field number from top to bottom and the left to right in that sequence (refer screen shots in this article)
  • Ensure 'first input' is at the highest Y-coordinate in the template (first input that you want to be assigned field number 1, example - 'Firstname Lastname')
  • Always leave a default text in the editable fields which users will have to replace with their details

See how the field 'Firstname lastname' is at a higher Y-coordinate compared to the field 'Degrees' to ensure that name gets field number 1 & is first to be edited by users with Degrees becoming field number 2. Same is the case with fields 4 & 5.



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