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Reports : Tell Your Success Story

Gelato offers companies to move towards reducing the print and shipping cost by offering on-demand printing using the network of printers & shipping partners. As an account Admin, it will be imperative for you to verify how much difference Gelato offering has made to your printing costs.

Gelato offers a transparent report functionality in your account, with various filters and currency conversion for users to see and download. This should help users to move towards their success metric by keeping a regular check on the cost using these reports.

Why do you need reports?

  • Visibility on country / files / quantity / user wise ordered materials
  • Measure against a success criteria

Types of report you can export/see

  • Country wise
  • Purchaser wise
  • File wise
  • Cost center and Billing entity
  • Group wise (ordering regions/departments)
  • Print, Shipping, Tax split available

How can you use Reports to your benefit?

Create a benchmark of your current printing costs by collecting data within the organisation. It will be great to have this ready at the outset when you setup & start using your Gelato account.

Take a periodic stock of print orders from your Gelato account. As an Admin, you can see orders placed by all Admins & Users in your reporting.A few months into using Gelato, and you will have a cost comparison to present to your management.

Do include examples of these other dimensions in your performance measurement:

  • Flexibility to order smaller quantities
  • Faster shipping to multiple locations
  • Brand consistency while achieving all this
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