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Gelato offers a report functionality in your account, with several filters and customisation options. Reports are accessible via the dedicated menu (Reports) on the left hand side.

There are several types of report you can view and export in this section. You can use the filters and define the type of report, a date range and currency you would like to see.

  • Purchaser: The person who placed the order
  • Billing entity: The billing entity selected when processing the order
  • Cost center: Cost Center selected when processing the order (if in use)
  • Country: The ship-to country 
  • Files ordered: Includes the file name and quantities ordered per country
  • Groups: The user group who placed the order  (Important: in case user(s) are part of more than 1 group their orders will be counted in both groups)


Note: In order to see reports you need to have the permission "View reports" enabled.

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