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Understanding My Payment Methods

As a Regular User, you were assigned the Access to your Gelato account based on your role within organisation. Your Account Admin has discussed internally and decided to setup the account, to allow certain users the rights to perform specific actions.

Your account Admin chooses which Payment Methods to use for ordering on Gelato. Ways available to pay for your orders on Gelato:

  • Pay with card
    • Using corporate cards registered for all users or allowing individual users to register and use their own cards
  • Pay by invoice
    • If your organisation has entered into a subscription contract with Gelato to enable invoicing (fastest way for checkout when placing orders)
  • Internal payment request
    • Sent to one or more Account Admins for payment approval after the order is confirmed. Payment is approved by Admin, and processed by one of the above two methods to complete placing the order

Account Admin also assigns Regular Users to at least one Group. Each Group has a Payment Method & Billing entity linked to it. When checking out an order, you can choose from shown office entities to which the invoice for the order will be sent.

If the Admin has just assigned 1 type of Payment method (say Invoice) and just 1 billing entity to your Group, then you won't be getting options to choose from in the checkout flow.


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