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Reach Out To Admin Or Get Help

When you log in to your Gelato account, on the left side of the web page, the 'Contact us' menu option is available. This will show up email contact details of Gelato support as well as your account Admin. Please reach out to them.

Most of the account setup should have been completed by the admin before inviting you as a user.

Reach out to your organisation's account admin in some cases if you face issues such as:

  • Payment options not available
  • Billing entities listed are missing the corporate office of your interest
  • Library files not allowing you to change the Format & Paper

There is a high probability that you are facing these, because the account admin has used Access Control (Roles) or Account Structure (Groups) to maintain user segments as per their usage level and functions.

In addition to 'Contact us' link shown in the image, various other pages in the Account will show your admin details if the account setup in those areas is incomplete.


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