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Welcome to Gelato : First Sign Up

As a Regular User, you would have received an invitation email to Join Gelato account of your Organisation. This is your first step to get started on the path of printing on demand and in a sustainable way.

Your Account Admin has decided to invite you because, you:

  • Manage a product marketing for your company or
  • Head a function or an office location or
  • Are Sales team member or
  • Look over distribution of print material or
  • Administrate at a corporate office of your organisation

and in any of these roles, most importantly you order prints locally or from your corporate office

Gelato changes that for your and for better. Because now you have:

Explore your Gelato Account to get familiar with your new cloud-based printing solution. So click on 'Accept Invitation' link in the email from your account admin and get started.


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