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Exploring Library Folders and Files

Library in your Gelato Account has been setup first hand by your organisation's Account Admin. Most importantly, the admin has also set folder access when creating the Folder structure in the Library.

  • The Access to Folder and in turn to the Files within is governed by the Groups of which you are a member, and whether that Group has access to a given Folder
  • Actions that you are allowed to take using the files in the Library are governed by the Role (Access Control) assigned to you by your account Admin

Note: An account admin may choose to keep all folders accessible to all users OR assign Folder Privacy by creating Groups

Account admin may have already populated the library with some files or may have asked your design team / agency to upload various files which you have to use for printing on Gelato.

Depending upon the Role assigned to you:

  • Create Folder structure inside the Top Level folder to which your Group has access
  • Upload Files if you are a designer or an end user
  • Configure** Format & Paper for uploaded files to make them print ready
  • Order Prints if you are a user at an office location of your organisation

Other common actions such as Move, Copy, Rename, Download, Delete, Share are possible on Folders and Files in your account Library. Managing the folder structure and files within is explained here


** Only users having access to upload files can change the configured Format & Paper of files in the Library. Files which are NOT print-ready, will be hidden from users who are allowed to only order.

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