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User Access Control and Global Account Structure

All print material uploaded to your Gelato account may not be required by all of your account users spread globally. Also, there may be different functions (Marketing, Sales, HR, Admin) that are going to use your Gelato account, and therefore you may want to limit the user access to their respective print files.

The best way to achieve this is by assigning Access Control and using Global Account Structure for your account users.

Access Control can be defined as Role & Permissions. 

By default, your account comes with an Admin and Regular user role. The latter can be customized and with Access control you get the option to create more Roles, to reflect your organisational structure. You can create a new Role combining one ore more of the below permissions

  • Manage users
  • Manage file folders
  • Upload files
  • Order prints
  • Approve & pay
  • See payment methods
  • Manage billing entities 

Global Account Structure can be defined as Groups defines if a group can:

  • Use specific Billing Address Entity meant for users in the respective Group
  • Use specific Payment Methods for individual users as part of a given Group

Your subscription plan may include standard available Roles & Groups (predefined) or a possibility to customize and create multiple Roles & Groups as per your organisation's needs. Please ensure you have enabled intended Payment Methods in 'Settings' tab.

Finally, when you invite users by email or by sharing the link, select the Role & Group to assign to them.

A user may get blocked from ordering if he/she is not assigned a group that has a Payment Method enabled. When users are not able to complete such actions, they will be shown messages, requesting them to contact their account Admin or Gelato support.

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