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Sustainability and Gelato

As we have found out from our customer Case Studies, partnering with Gelato can help you achieve your sustainability goals faster.

Printing with Gelato can get you benefits such as:

  • Reduction in transportation distances for shipping your print material
  • Reduction in printing volumes using digital printing
  • Less time spent by your employees in administrative work for ordering prints

This all is possible with Gelato offerings:

  • Local production and distribution
  • On-demand printing software to print seamlessly
  • Mobile ordering solutions

When sustainability is a priority for your organisation, you want to ensure that your sources for printing are compliant with latest industry norms of sustainability. Notwithstanding industrial wood harvesting done for making paper, the Pulp & Paper industry causes ~9% of CO2 emissions from manufacturing. Sustainability answers to these issues are:

  • Print on-demand (smaller quantity, frequent orders), and print locally (quick delivery, lesser shipping distance)
  • Having your printers use paper from sources that are FSC certified

Gelato's model meets both of these requirements, having established printing network that is spread globally and ensuring these printers use FSC compliant sources

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